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EMP 40- first range trip

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I've always admired the first generation EMP's (that might just be my logic- the first EMP's, and the Ronin EMP's being a second generation). After getting my Ronin EMP 4", I began a casual search for an EMP 40 3". I wasn't absolutely resolved to find one, but I was motivated enough to search.
Fast forward, I found a NOS (4/2020) on Gunbroker. The opening bid was $850, so I went for it. No one else countered, so I won it for my original bid. It had custom aluminum grips on it, but it included the original cocobolo grips- which I much prefer. The gun was first owner, never fired. Once I received it, I switched the grips, and searched the case for the guide rod take down tool- no dice. So, I got it apart anyway and cleaned/lubed it (and ordered a take down tool). I took it to my range yesterday and put a mixture of frangible target ammo that a friend had given me, and some HST's, through it. No hiccups, it ran 100%, and it was pleasant. I have strong hands, so recoil is typically not an issue. It wasn't as snappy as I was anticipating, and I had a ball with it. It is quickly becoming a favorite in my collection.

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Nice weapon. Is that a tritium front sight? I have the first EMP4 Champion in 9mm and it had a fiber optic front sight.
Tritium front and rear. I was pleasantly surprised, and they are super bright. At the time of purchase, I didn't know how old it was.
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Really nice gun! How many rounds does the 40 hold?
I have a EMP in 9mm, I bought it first.
In 9mm recoil with standard power ammunition is mild; the 40 definitely has more recoil despite that it is heavier.

I put a few 230 gr. 45 rounds through my Lightweight Commander just before shooting the EMP 40, the recoil impulse in those two pistols is different, but in the same subjective ball park .
I ran across my 9MM 3" on consignment and my Friends LGS, manufactured 6 /2020.
I glance at it, handled it and was drawn to its good looks.
The consigner was looking to get a Hellcat.
With his asking price and the store mark-up it was priced near retail.
I knew the consigner was motivated, and my friend waved his part.
So, my offer was accepted, it came with XS combat sights and 3 additional magazines for a total of 6.
I like the all-black mono finish, VS the Tu-tone personally.
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