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What years were guns produced?
About how many were manufactured?
Were these a true custom shop gun?
What is current value on these pistols?
Is there any way to determine based on S/N when my gun was produced?

These are the initial questions that come to mind but I am interested in any info available. SA has been of no assitance to me in my quest for knowledge.

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I'm sure there are 1911 enthusiasts here who could provide useful information. Apparently the Super-Tuned series was available for a few years just before they came out with the Loaded series to compete with Kimber. There is a dedicated 1911 forum (http://forums.1911forum.com) where I found this excerpt from an old SA catalog, circa 1997-98. Following is shamelessly copied from that forum for your reference...

"The Super Tuned 1911-A1 was specifically designed by our Custom Shop to assure reliable function, increased accuracy, and superior handling. Life-saving reliability exemplifies this new breed of Super Tuned pistols! Each Super Tuned model comes with a tuned and polished extractor, a throated barrel and polished feed ramp, fixed low-mount premium Novak rear sight and a dovetailed ramp front sight. Each Super Tuned pistol is fitted with custom combat accessories such as a Custom Combat match grade trigger, S&A beavertail grip safety and a King's extended thumb safety. The front strap is machine checkered at 20 lines per inch for a secure grip. Our gunsmiths also bevel and radius all the edges."

From what I can tell in pictures and a brief Google search, these appear to be somewhat compact 1911's suitable for concealed carry. Ported barrel plus a number of pretty high end upgrades built into the gun. I have no idea on production numbers or prices.

There is also a related forum to this one, FirearmsTalkForum, with a large and vocal population that may be able to help you further.
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