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DC Navy Yard Mass Shooting...

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12 dead...

1 gunman killed...

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My thoughts and prayers go out to those poor military families...
Workplace violence...?

Perp was ex-Navy reservist from Texas with stolen ID badge.
I'm sorry to see that. I wonder what's the reason for this one?
Sickness...deep convaluted sickness.........:mad:
A down right shame. On a much smaller note, I have a house for sale that was burglarized. Back door was kicked in, and Frig & Stove were stolen. This can be an evil world we live in.
They stole your Fridge & Stove...where the hell are the neighbors !?

Stealing your appliances isn't exactly evil...but hell, that is not right !
I still can't wrap my brain around why the hell we atill have the stupid GFZones??? Every killing with any death count has been in a Gun Free Zone:confused:
Oh my...Is it possible the agenda has nothing to do with actually letting people protect themselves???? I see the libs. spouting out their vlie lies and I just wanna puke!!! Sorry...rant over!
The whole thing makes my stomach cringe......
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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