Dad's Colt

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    When my Dad returned to the US from Europe and WWII, he brought back a Colt 1911A1 that was issued to him in 1943. Well I always thought the world of that pistol so when the time came I bought myself a Colt 1911A1 series 70 Combat Commander for $320. Back then they didn't come with too many of the things we take for granted today. Lowered and flared ejection port? No. 3 dot sights? No. Shoot 230gr. FMJ and it will run just fine, try a 185gr. JHP and you better know the drill. Everything you wanted to add to the gun was custom, so I took my Commander to a gunsmith in New Jersey that had a pretty good reputation for 1911s. His name was Austin Behlert. I was shooting in some local IPSC competitions back then in Middletown, NJ just to get up to speed with the 1911, and after seeing what these guys were shooting, I wanted a few things done to my pistol. First was to get better three dot sights, a reliability job, bevel the magazine well and add an oversized magazine release. I can't remember what I paid in total, but at the time it was pricey. I never did come close to winning any of the competitions, but that didn't matter I was competitive and learned a lot about the 1911 in the process. Well somewhere along the line I sold the Colt for some other gun that I just had to have at the time, Austin has recently passed on(God rest his sole) and I stopped competing back in my twenties. I've had a number of various 1911s come and go along the way, a Springfield V10, a GI, Para Limited 14/45, a Metro Arms Classic and a Citadel Compact. About four years ago I bought a used Kimber Pro CDP II for about three times the cost of my original Colt. I'm still amazed at what comes with the gun and all the things I used to have to get through a custom shop. Not putting down any other brand, but the Kimber is a fine pistol and today I often use it for concealed carry. To wind this up, Like many of the greatest generation, last year my Dad passed away at the ripe old age of 91 and I inherited his Colt that I cherished throughout the years. I lovingly stripped it down to the frame, cleaned and oiled everything and changed out the springs. I fired a few magazines full just to make sure it works and now it sits in my safe waiting to be handed down to my Son. I'll add my Kimber to Dad's Colt and they'll both be my Son's when I pass on.

    Dad's Colt
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    Great story, and a terrific family heirloom that I hope your son will enjoy shooting!

    Hmmm... Just thought of something. If you get a parked MilSpec or RO, you can get a GI trigger and thumb safety from... Uh-oh... Ozark Surplus is GONE! Well, you can get a wide spur hammer used from Joe Sal... Oops, they're gone.

    Well, you can get some sorry looking Chinese reproduction parts and make it look... Awwww NUTS!
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