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CZ75 Clone

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I didn't know Springfield Armory has a CZ75 clone. How does it compare to the CZ75? I've had experience around the CZ75 since the early 80's and have never known one to malfunction. I have the CZ75B, which is designed for locked and loaded like a 1911 without all the superior safety features of the 1911. If it hadn't been a gift from my father-in-laws collection when he passed away, I would likely trade it for a CZ75D which has the decocker.
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I didn't know either
My CZ-75B is from CZ. Didn't know, like you guys, that SA had one. Or are they importers for the CZ?

No, Springfield Armory is making a clone. The P9 is their version.
I went to the website and all I saw was their 1911's and their XD's.
Here's a couple of real ones we shot today.

I don't think they make them (P9's) anymore.
P9's have been out of production for quite a while. IIRC they were Tanfoglio (italian) made. Tanfoglio makes some very nice CZ clones, and has been in that business for a long time.
P9 LSP several versions. Out of production 1994.
Nice guns. Very accurate
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