Coonan 357 - A different 1911

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    Went to the range today to monitor the progress of the sight adjustment on my FA. Finally only shooting about a foot low!

    Noticed a box of 357 ammo sitting next to a 1911 on the firing line, and knew I was in the presence of a rare bird... A Coonan 357! I offered to let the owner shoot a few atomic rounds through my FA, and in return, he let me shoot his Coonan.

    Dropping the slide on a full mag failed to chamber the first round. I noticed that the long round had to make quite a reach to chamber. A little tap on the back of the slide got it into battery. After that, 7 rounds fed perfectly. The action is highly tuned to handle the long, rimmed round. Shooting was super pleasant, less recoil than a 45 due to the light 148gr round. The gun was superbly accurate, and had a perfect trigger. I'd say the Coonan is a real bargain for a hand-fitted 1911 for hunting or target work.

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