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    So to start off, I am completely independent of any company that I am talking about today. That said I want to talk about my XDs and the ClipDraw.

    I recently have been in search for a conceal carry gun and being a big fan of Springfield I of course picked the XDs. I've owned a XD-9 in the 4 inch barrel for 10+ years now and have never really wanted to conceal carry the gun because of how big it is. Before deciding to buy the XDs in 9mm I did carry the XD-9 for about a week and by that point I knew I wanted a different/smaller gun. I have purchased a Taurus TCP 738 and pocket carried it on a few vacations but .380 to me is just not my kind of round. I went with the 9mm mostly because I like the round, I knew I wanted to go with the Mod.2 in .45 and I have a 1911 in .45 so I just wanted another 9mm, no preference in particular. I'm not a huge fan of the .40 (although I am debating on an XDm 3.8 in .40. Again I digress, opinions welcome).

    The XDs is thin, light and very well sized. I have really enjoyed carrying it. I do think there is a significant difference in size between the XDs and Mod.2 but that's a discussion for an other topic. I holster my non-extended mag and keep the extended mag in my pocket. It's small enough that the extra mag does not really get in the way while in my pocket. I purchased my gun after the recalls.

    I have been looking for a good holster that didn't imprint and was comfortable and really had a hard time deciding on which direction to go. After reading several reviews on the ClipDraw clip I ordered it on Amazon and it was easy to instal and it looks like it's part of the gun. The clip attaches by replacing the rear cover with a thicker threaded rear plate that has two screw holes in it. If you are right or left handed it's no matter, simply flip the clip and screw it down. The rear cover is hardy and the screws fit tight. They even send you extra screws and tension washers. I will say that it does make it awkward to pull the slide back but it's really just something to get use to.

    I also got the trigger cover for added safety and comfort. Not comfort in the since that it make the gun feel better against my skin but comfort in the sense of feeling safe as I take the gun in and out of my pants. To use the trigger cover, you lace the string trough your belt loop or around your belt (I prefer to lace it around my belt loop) and then attach the cover to your gun's trigger. When you draw the gun, the string catches the cover and pulls it off cleanly and out of the way. I have not drawn my gun for self defense but have in practice and it seems practical. The cover pops off and is just firm enough when taking it off and on. A reviewer on a different web source said that when attached to the belt loop the pull from the gun could possibly rip the belt loop off their pants, I do not find this as a concern.

    I will say that I love this set up. It has been a joy to wear. I have been wearing the set up for a month now almost everyday and it really disappears. I have worked, played, spent time with the family and even fell asleep in my chair with it on. I have had it in tighter fitting pants, loose pants, with and with out a belt and it has been great. I haven't worn it with athletic clothing but will probably not wear a gun when in running shorts or sweat pants but will let you know how it goes if I do.

    Some people where worried that it would fall to deep in the pant waist and I will say that with a belt it has not been a problem. However without one, it has gone "flush" with my waist. I recently purchased a Pearce Grip Extension and it actually acts as a sort of hook so the bottom of the grip stays up making it extremely easy to grasp when drawing the gun out.

    Now when re-holstering the gun it is not as easy as having a holster already in your pants. It's not as difficult as shoving a IWB holster in for the first time of the day and then placing your gun. Of course holstering your gun in a placed holster is much easier. I will say though, it's really not to difficult for an initial holstering because there is no bulk. Just carefully slide it in your waist and clip it on your belt or waist seam.

    Also, it was brought up in past reviews on various websites about having the metal to skin contact being uncomfortable. I will say that if you are wearing an undershirt it is no problem at all. But if you are not, most of the gun will be against your underwear and just a bit of metal on your side. When the gun takes on my body temperature I don't even notice it's there. It has yet to rub me raw and being a farmer I do move around a lot.

    I'm also not on the skinny side, (I'm also not huge, 6'2, 280) so I really was worried about to much bulk for a holster especially around love handles and it has been great. I know that after looking at numerous holsters, reviews, videos, pictures, most of them depict a slender fellow so it was hard for me to really know which direction to go. I'm 100% satisfied with my decision.

    I have now purchased the same set up for my Mod.2 in .45 acp so I will be trying it out and will be interested to see how much difference the two guns will compare in size but I have no doubt that the comparison will be strictly the two guns and not the difference in the ClipDraw set up.

    I am thinking about getting a Crimson Trace Laser for my XDs so I will not be able to use my trigger cover with it. I'll let you know how it feels to carry the ClipDraw with no trigger cover and with the laser in the future.

    Also, I am debating on buying a Powder River Precision Trigger kit, Extended Grip Safety, Extended Mag Release and Stainless Steel pin set. If any members have any input and opinions on these products I'd like to hear from you. I'll also consider posting a new topic about what I find out.

    Hope this topic helps others make an informed decision on an XDs and the ClipDraw. Let me know if you have any further comments or questions. ImageUploadedBySpringfield Forum1483669428.153285.jpg
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    Articulate, thorough, and helpful review. Thanks! I’m happy with the Alien Gear, Allen, and Galco rigs I have, but next time I am looking, I will look at Clip Draw, thanks to you review.

    By the way, in my opinion, the trigger guard is ESSENTIAL. Any IWB holster that does not cover the trigger is a negligent discharge waiting to happen!
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    Thanks Rev! I am very close to trying an Alien Gear IWB holster for my 1911. Will let you know if I go that direction.

    I couldn't agree more about the trigger cover. The trigger cover is just peace of mind for nothing else. I've seen to many YouTube videos of people shooting themselves. I don't want to be one of those guys. I believe that concealed carry guns should be loaded, and protected.