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    Hello everyone. So I’m new to Conceal Carry here in NY. I have a Springfield XDS 3.3” 9mm and I am along the lean side body wise and typically very casual dresser(t-shirt and shorts/jeans) during the day. I always feel like I’m waving a flag that says, “Look at my Gun” when I’m carrying because I feel like I’m printing all the time. Is it just in my head? Does the layperson usually pay attention like that? I sometimes ask my wife if she saw/sees it. Almost all of the time she says no.

    Is there a way to conceal even more other than putting more layers on?

    By the way I either use Alien Gear Cloak tuck 3.5 or Conceal Express IWB holsters.

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    Commonsense and body position of the holster is important. Typically for me a 4 o'clock position works pretty well. Also the size & quality of the holster is critical.
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    In my opinion you are using the best holster for concealed carry. I have 3 of them ! I think once you get used to it, you will see that you are not really printing...especially in a state like N.Y. where concealed carry is not that typical. I used to feel the same way at first and then it just kind of goes away...people aren't looking for that.....and if they are and you are printing a little bit so what ?
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    I think holster choice depends on several variables, with your body type a significant variable.

    I wrote a blog article about Training Guns but in there was a discussion of body types and recommended holsters. It may help.
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