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Compensator potential problems

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Hey guys, you know I got the compensator for the 1911 RO and I took some video at the range and captured a few still to show you guys what I saw.

The cell phone camera was on a table leaning at a 45 degree angle up at my shooting. The view you see is therefore from the bottom of the gun.

The still shots show that the flames are blowing out from the bottom, between the compensator and the barrel.

The way the barrel sits inside the compensator, I'm guessing when that at one point the pressure flames go backwards?

Although the pics looks really cool, I am worried that the flames should not be coming out from between the compensator and the barrel, only on the top and out the front.

Ok, what do you guys think?

I will add the pics in a reply message because I don't see how to add them now except via a link.

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I have the video if anyone wants to see it


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I hate to be a bummer, but lose the compensator. All it does is look cool. The factory bushing was probably fitted perfectly to your barrel. Terrific pics!

That style of comp adds weight up front, which is good, and adds mass to the slide, which can also be good, BUT the badly designed chamber and ports, and the fact that it's almost impossible to fit correctly to the barrel, make it useless. Hope you bought it from Brownell's, Midway, or Amazon, because then you an get your money back.

Don't feel bad. The reason I know so much about it is because I tried one. I polished it up, it looked so pretty...
That's what I was thinking, it looks pretty and I didn't even get the polished one, I chose the black one. I am going to take it off, I can't imagine how the flames blowing through the sides is good and in order for that to happen it looks like it has to go backwards around the barrel and then out so it could be putting pressure where none should be. I've fired about 600 rounds thru it but it's coming off today. I got it at amazon, and I did send the pictures to the manufacturer asking for their opinion and they haven't gotten back to me.
Instead of using compensators I just have the barrel ported. I had a Springfield 1911 A1 that was ported,loved that gun. But that's just my preference.
+1 to squirrelhunter. Though I don't find porting much use with 45acp in a heavy 1911. I understand it's a lifesaver with 460 Rowland! I'm sure it's also a big win in a 10mm Glock. in any case, porting is the right way to do gas compensation. On the other hand, it is possible to learn to shoot even a heavy recoiling gun comfortably by experimenting with a variety of stocks and hand grip. I hated 44 magnum until I tried smooth grips. Now I plink with it.

Porting is generally considered a no-no in a self defense gun because you might burn the face off your passenger if you fire past them in a car, etc. I really think that a revolver is best for self defense because you avoid pesky investigators when you don't leave cases around with your fingerprints all over them.
I got word back from the manufacturer and they basically told me to take it off the gun (which I already did) and will send me a new one, but they also said if it continues to do it to remove it permanently. I am not putting it back on, or even a new one. I fired the gun today and it was fine without it, I'm not worried about the recoil.:) I will send them some info and even the old one if they want it. They have said no one else has had this problem and they have customers with the exact same weapon. I never noticed this until I did the video, otherwise it looks normal with a blow on top.
Those pics you took are priceless. Best evidence I've seen to damn those accessory comps. Putting the cell phone on the mat was brilliant.
Now I must admit I do have a Desert Eagle with a comp but it came from the factory that way :D.
Now I must admit I do have a Desert Eagle with a comp but it came from the factory that way :D.
I'm holding out for a LAR Grizzly:

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I'm holding out for a LAR Grizzly:

Nice,that'll work :D.
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