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Camera Land's Deal of the Day 3/3/14 - Leica

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As I am sure you are aware by now, last year we established a "Deal of the Day" section on our site. This, "Deal of the Day" is posted everyday I am here at work, assuming I find the time each day to do this, lol.
We buy lots of demos, close-outs and assorted new product deals and sometimes we wind up with enough to offer crazy cheap deal on something awesome.

Today's "Deal of the Day" is on a Leica Pinmaster Laser Rangefinder, Yards Version #40532 reduced to only $199.99 from $599.00

Even though this unit is marketed to the golf crowd it is basically a white version of the CRF-800

Whether pro golfer or amateur, in tournament play or simply as an aid to improve your handicap - the new Pinmaster is the perfect companion from the tee to the green. The precision results delivered by this premium-quality laser rangefinder are particularly impressive, as is its range of up to 820 yards. It is not only an ideal aid for precise measurement of the distance from the ball to the next hole, but is also invaluable for helping to select the best club or iron and the optimum stroke to get there.

Just apply fingertip pressure, and the Pinmaster delivers precise and dependable results, even when taking bearings on small or moving objects. Its LED display is always perfectly readable thanks to its automatic adjustment to ambient lighting conditions, and can therefore be used at any time of day. The Pinmaster is also well protected against the most adverse climatic and weather conditions by a carbon-fiber-reinforced and superbly compact housing that is even waterproof to a depth of just over three feet.

Weighing in at only 220 grams, the Pinmaster fits nicely into even a slim shirt pocket. Another great feature is its practical and ergonomic construction. It was designed and constructed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

* On international orders, due to new shipping regulations, this will be shipped without the disposible battery.

* Add a black ScopeCoat Neoprene cover for $19.99

BTW, a portion of every Leica sale is donated to United Cerebral Palsy.

Please feel free to call Doug or Neil @ 212-753-5128 with any questions or to place an order.

These "Deal of the Day" opportunities last as long as we have inventory so if you see this and want this please give a call or check our site.

Have a great day
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