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Browning Firearms

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Pictured below is my Browning Buck Mark. The Buck Mark pistol is a semi-automatic designed with a straight blowback action, and is crafted using aluminum alloy. The gun uses .22 Long Rifle ammunition, with a magazine holding ten rounds. The gun comes with a thumb safety as well as front and rear iron sights. I have also equipped mine with a red dot scope...

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I had an old 1936 P35 ( FN High Power with German waffen stamps ) that I sold...with the provision that if the guy I sold it to wanted to sell it, I would get first crack.

I go on a two week TDY for the government in the southwest...come back to find my friend had passed and his ex-wife dumped all the firearms on one gun shop who I'm positive...ripped her off big time. I know that SOB kept that one for himself !!
Yea..it does !!

Still got my 1942 Spreewerk P38 with waffen stamps though... ;)

This BHP was made in 1956 all steel parts it is a little heave for me to carry but I do sometimes
13+1 firepower makes it so...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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