Break in procedures for Springfield guns?

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory XD' started by Bludog, Aug 7, 2016.

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    I recently purchased a mod2 4.0 and have 800 rounds thru her. Never thought about breaking it in. It feels really smooth now and I love shooting it with 0 issues! I just bought an XDs last night and shot about 40 rounds thru it. I cleaned the gun and plan on shooting another 200 rounds thru it today. I also have a XDM 5.25 on order and I started thinking about proper break in. The 5.25 is a pretty special gun and I want to make sure I do everything right with this one because I plan on competitively shooting it. Does anyone with more experience than me have any suggestions. ImageUploadedBySpringfield Forum1470571869.351758.jpg ImageUploadedBySpringfield Forum1470571898.854982.jpg