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    If you want 223 brass, tell me how much and where to ship it. I can scrounge all you want off of our 100m line, where the cops practice. Or can buy bags full of it at the range shop for super cheap. 223, 9, and .40 are considered practically unsellable, because for every guy that reloads them, there are 200 range ninja's spraying it all over the firing line as fast as they can.

    Black Gun folks are pretty stoic types. They buy a gun and a bunch of things to hang off of it, show up at the range and miss every damn shot, and are too cool to bother sighting in. But they do it all with a grim determination that just screams Mole In Lobby!

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    Sounds like a lot of deer hunters around here I cal Weekend Warriors. Buy a gun the day before the season,don't sight it in and unload the thing at running deer in some miracle of hope the hit something. Then sell the gun back after the season's over :rolleyes:.
    These shells are suppose to be here tomorrow and should last me awhile. My problem is finding 44 magnum brass.