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Below is my Beretta 9000S series 9mm in the F configuration which includes double and single action operation and a firing pin block safety, with external frame-mounted manual safety/decocking latches.

The Beretta 9000 is most popular for its use by the character John Anderton (portrayed by Tom Cruise) in the 2002 film Minority Report.
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Went crazy...Bought me a new shotgun!!! A400.... Building Trigger Automotive exterior Wood Gun barrel

Table Furniture Property Picture frame Writing desk

Table Furniture Air gun Wood Trigger

Hood Wood Automotive design Automotive exterior Bumper


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So crazy that he didn't bother to tell us it's name...!! :rolleyes:
So crazy that he didn't bother to tell us it's name...!! :rolleyes:
Yea I did...The A400......I guess not the whole thing...Extreme Unico Max4...
That is a great looking gun Jeff!
She is super sweet boss...Semi auto...It will spit out 4 rounds in under a second:eek:
Very nice Dutch...!!

I'm starting to lose count...
Nice looking scatter gun dutch.
Here's a lil brother for my XDm, we call him Nano.....


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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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