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Interesting article. Can't say I totally agree with every comment in that article, but it makes some good points.

I was disturbed by the article's mention of Libs BUYING guns. IF (big if) there is something worse than Libs trying to take guns, it might be Libs owning guns.

I say that because:
1. CRY BABIES should not have guns.
2. Overly-emotional people who habitually ignore history and who do not understand the difference between fact and fiction should not have guns.
3. People who have poo-pooed guns their whole lives and who KNOW NOTHNG about how to handle them RESPONSIBLY should not have guns.

I did revel and delight in the Dems many losses for a day or 2, then I realized that such feelings were unbecoming of a disciple of Jesus, and such feelings were akin to the poor sportsmanship that is so common among Libs. Now, I rejoice in a new season of possibility for our nation, but I also pray for those who are hurting because their worlds--unrealistic as they are--have been shaken.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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