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Ammo Rolling Box for the Range

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I live in NJ, and the law requires that ammo and guns be stored and locked separately in the trunk/rear of the car. I usually bring three or four guns to the range, and preload 8 mags for each, storing the mags in their own mag pouches. I also bring extra ammo, and put everything in a plastic ammo box. My guns are stored in individual small cases that are each locked, and all go in a locking gym bag with targets, ear muffs, cleaning supplies, etc. When I go to the range, I want to get from the car to inside the building as quick as possible.

The issue is I have a bad back, and I’m looking for some sort of rolling ammo box or maybe two stacking boxes that roll; one for ammo and one for the guns, etc. I don’t want to be spending time in the trunk combining everything into one bag or box. Just want to grab and go, and wheel everything inside.

Any ideas on a good option? What do you folks use in restricted states like NJ? Again, due to the back issue, I’m looking for something I can wheel around, and don’t want to use something like a hand truck to haul stuff in.

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Can't help you; have no ideas, but moving out of NJ may be an option.
A descent wheeled suitcase with the pull up handle like you see people using in airports.
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Could look for something like the pic above, they have tool bag rolling carts in different styles
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