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Welcome to Springfield...

Yep, sure wud like to see some pics of them all together.;)


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Junior joins the Five Garand Sisters

Junior arrived Friday, released from the shelves over at AAFES Ft. Eustis, to join the Five Garand Sisters. The SA M1D was born on 8/44, the H&R born on 2/56, the Tractor on 6/53, Winnie on 11/43 and the SA (with the dishwasher clean stock) on 11/43. The M1D and H&R came from DCM, the other three were CMP arrivals. The Winnie was obtained while in Germany and BATF considered her an "implement of war" and it took my Senator's personal involvement with HRC and BATF to get the Winnie back home. Hopefully they were all smiling for the iPad camera!


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