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UpDate - A Whole New Feeling - XD 3" Mod. 2 with Grip Zone

I did a quick search and I apologize if this has already been posted.

Has anyone been following Springfield's new promo "A Whole New Feeling"? I've been receiving emails from Springfield every day now for about a week. Each email revels a little more info. Yesterday it showed a little of the grip, which appears to have a recessed area for the two middle fingers. On the side of the grip it's printed "Grip Zone".

I wonder if this will be optional or a change on all XD, XDm and XDs models.

I don't believe you can view this info on the Springfield Amory website. You need go to their website and subscribe to the emails.

New Info - Updated November 13, 2014
[FONT=&quot]It's now on Springfield's website.
New XD 3" Sub-Compact Mod. 2 with Grip Zone.

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I think it's part of their ADA accommodations for the blind. My last gun had "Go Bang Zone" in raised letters molded on the face of the trigger. I figured it was just a California thing. I guess the dogs weren't working out.

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