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357 Snub For CC

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Looks like more con than pro on this.

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Agreed. As a RANGE gun, I love my S&W 686, but it has a 6 inch bbl. and I'd never use it for CC.

Plus, never knowing what one might encounter, why not use a semi-auto that's at least 9 + 1?

This is a good place to go.

However I carry a Taurus Public Defender Poly that I recently got on sale at Academy. I put Pachmayr grips on it.


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If I was to buy a new revolver for CC I would get a .357, because of a heavier built frame and use .38 + p.
But since I am not I will always use my go to Model 36 with standard ammo.
Worked great for me for the last 40 years.
This JMO.


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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