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2014 Badlands IDPA Oklahoma State Championship Match

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Thank you SA for sponsoring this event. It was a Tier 3 match with about 150 shooters, 10 stages shot in one (very long!) day.

SA kindly donated a total of 8 pistols as gift table items. 5 were distributed to the competitors and 3 to the safety officers.

I got one of the safety officers gifts. An XDm 4.5 9mm. When I get on my computer I will upload a pic since, as we all know, 'Pix or it didn't happen.'

P.S. The proud bird there is Pengie, mascot of FirearmsTalk Forum, who believes he won the gun! Outcome is still in doubt...


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Congratulations, Pengie, on winning a beautiful gun. You are an awesome bird and I can't wait to see you soon. No one deserved to win that gun more than you. You're one lucky bird. I'm a little jealous.
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