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  1. Springfield Armory EMP
    Looking for a solid ankle holster with retention. Liked the shape shifter but they don't appear to make one for an Emp. Would like molded plastic with positive retention. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Springfield Armory EMP
    So..sadly I don't have a full sized 1911 so I have to ask (regarding how many items don't match between standard and EMP dimensions).. are the mainspring housing pins the same length? I've NEVER lost a single part of any firearm that I didn't intend to get rid of.... until tonight when I was...
  3. Springfield Armory EMP
    I have a 3" EMP and really like the gun, but would prefer the 4" barrel, unfortunatley I live in CA where you cannot buy the 4" EMP. I have reached out to SA and the SA Custom Shop, and neither will sell a barrel and slide separately. Does anyone know of a shop that can create a 4" slide and...
  4. Springfield Armory EMP
    Hi I am new in the gun world but have been training with a EMP 9mm 3" and really love it. Fits my hand great, accurate and will be what I'll carry. I am in CA and on a waitlist through one range I am a member at but am #11 in line and #1 guy ordered a year ago and hasn't got his yet. I have...
1-4 of 4 Results