The Range Officer Now Comes in 9 Milly

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    Springfield Armory has announced that they have put their vaunted Range Officer series of .45ACP 1911-style pistols on a new diet. No, we don\'t mean Volumetrics, Jenny Craig, or the Ornish diet; we mean the RO now comes in a variant ready to nom nom nom on 9mm NATO all day.

    The Range Officer

    In November 2010, Springfield came out with a modification of their 1911-line with an \'out of the box\' entry-level competition gun. Featuring a host of nice features like an extended beavertail grip safety, adjustable rear target sights, extended trigger, and flat mainspring housing (which allow the pistol to sit in your hand comfortably for long periods at the range), a single-sided, extended thumb safety, and a flared and lowered ejection port, it came to play.
    They described it as follows:

    \"The RO is designed to give the shooter exceptional quality, at an affordable price. One of the goals was to create a pistol that is acceptable in many different styles of shooting competitions, so the shooter can decide which one he likes most. It is built with the same precision as the Trophy Match, and TRP models, but Springfield has removed the \"extras\" that result in a higher price. It\'s everything you need in a competition model, at an affordable price, and easily upgradable for your future needs.\"

    MSRP was just under $1k but \'street prices\' soon ran about $800-ish, making it a nice competitor to STI guns and a solid alternative to the big names new 1911s from SIG and S&W. The thing is, the Range Officer\'s only caliber choice was .45ACP. Well, until now that is.

    Now in 9 Mill


    Springer has taken the jump to try to keep ahead of the 1911-pack with an offering of this gun in smooth-shooting 9x19mm Parabellum. This NATO-standard round has been around only slightly longer than the gun\'s classic John Browning design itself. Rapidly coming back into play as a serious range and defense round, the 9mm is much cheaper--especially for reloaders, thus allowing larger quantities of range fodder to be used in a gun chambered for it rather than .45ACP.

    Specs of the new RO 9mm


    Weight w/Empty Magazine: 41 ozs.
    Frame and slide: Forged Steel
    Recoil System: Standard Guide Rod (not full length)
    Height: 5.5\"
    Length: 8.5\"
    Trigger: Long, Lightweight Speed, 4.5-5 lbs.
    Magazines: 2 - 9 Round, Stainless Steel
    Grips: Cocobolo double-diamond checkered with Springfield Armory logo
    Caliber: 9MM
    Barrel: 5\" Stainless Steel Match Grade and Fully Supported Ramp and stainless bushing
    Sights: Low Profile Fully Adjustable Target

    Like most SA pistols these days, the gun comes with a polymer paddle holster and double mag pouch, as well as a cleaning brush included with the pistol in a plastic carrying case.

    Our thoughts

    (Yup, they are already for sale online)

    MSRP is \"POR\" on Springfield\'s website but we are already seeing them pop up at Guns International for $819.99 and other online sellers for $770. This could prove a contender against Remington\'s new R1 1911 Enhanced model in 9mm that they are introducing this month as well. That gun seems to be running right at the same price. Comparing the two, the Remmy may get the slight nod as it has better \'tactical grips\' but this goes away if you are a cocobolo double-diamond fan. Then again, SA lovers get a lifetime warranty rather than a 2-year one from Remmy.

    We shall see how this turns out. Stay tuned!

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