Emp 9 3 in first time at the range.

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory EMP' started by johnboyrtw, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and just bought my first Springfield last week and took it to the range today. Shot 400 rounds. Very accurate for a 3 inch barrel. Low recoil and fun to shoot. Love the sights. And I like that it’s 9+1 for capacity. Plan on another range day this week and if all goes well with another 300 or so rounds I will be using this for my ccw. I was going to get the Kimber ultra but after handling the kimber and the Emp at a gun show, I really liked the way the Springfield felt and fit my hand, the kimber ultra when compared to this handgun has a much wider grip and does not feel as good. The Kimber almost feels like a double stack 9. Shot many different brands of ammo and was pleasantly surprised that there were no problems, no ftf or fte issues. I enjoyed shooting this gun over my 9mm shield.
    My new favorite handgun....Springfield 1911 EMP!!!
    Does anyone have recommendations for a good holster for the micro emp?
    Picture is at 10 yards rapid fire for full mag.
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    Welcome, and congratulations on a fine pistol. They are very nice...

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    If you're partial to leather holsters I would recommend the
    Wright Leatherworks IWB Cruiser. Top quality! They make
    one specific to the EMP 3. I carry one that's made for another
    weapon. The pistol is a flat dark earth color and the holster
    is walnut color. Looks sweet and is extremely concealable and


    They also make OWB holsters if you like that method.
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    I have been through a couple of iwb holsters and have settled on Theis holsters. Fits and works well.