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XD Mod 2 Owners - I Have Questions

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Makes sense. I'm used to the double stack XDm feel and the single stack XDs felt too thin for me.

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Good choice. I like mine.

XD Mod 2 Owners - I Have Questions - Springfield Armory XD

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It should be here Friday. I'll lube it up Friday nite and spend a little time at the range on Saturday.
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I've owned both a XD mod two in 45 caliber and also in 9 mm.
My son talked me out of the 45 but I carry the 9 mm daily
The 45 definitely kick starter than the 9 mm but it is absolutely manageable for most people
in any case The XD mod two in any caliber is an outstanding gun

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I have the 1911 is a very good pistol hardly any recoil I also have the CSS it has a3.3 barrel it was a schocker very little recoil and dead on at 45 feet just got the mod 2 taking it to the range Monday it also has the 3.3 barrel I'm sure the recoil is not that bad the recoil doings take all the recoil alway luked 45 caliber i carried a colt when I was with the rangers
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That's a xds
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Ya I know I have get rid of auto correct on my phone
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Default XD Mod 2 Owners - I Have Questions

Don't know where the original poster has left things, I have a 1911, XD mod.2 in .45 and and XDs in 9mm and an XD-9.

I have big palms, the 9 round mag, was to little for me so I got the Pearce finger extension and it is great now. The larger mag made it fit my hand perfectly.

The kick compared to my 1911 is different. The 1911 is smoother and a little less kick but it's really not as bad as I though it was going to be. It shoots better than I thought it was going to be compared to my XD-9 and XDs in 9mm.

My general impression of the gun is that it's a huge step up from the XD-9 but very similar in feel and operation if you are familiar with the original XD. I will say that so far I enjoy carrying my XDs more but I haven't had as much time with the XD Mod.2 yet.

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Default Replies to XD Mod 2 Questions

Originally Posted by SA_Shooter View Post
With summer approaching, I need to start looking for a lighter, smaller carry piece. The XD Mod 2 has my interest and it looks like just the right firearm for me.

I'm contemplating the 3.3" XD Mod 2 in a .45 ACP but have never shot such a short barreled beast. All my .45 time has been spent with full size 1911's. So, I have questions.

1. If you have a 1911 and an XD Mod 2, how's the recoil?

2. It looks like the rear sight is adjustable. Have any of you XD Mod 2 owners adjusted it for windage?

3. How's the grip with the 9 round magazine? Any problems with it being too short?

4. Lastly, (honest!!!) how's the grip with the extended magazine?

I'd also, if you have the time, hear about your general impressions of the weapon such as using it for a carry piece, accuracy, ease of cleaning, etc...

My thanks in advance. I appreciate any input you can provide.

Hello, Michael. I have a 3.3 inch bbl. XD Mod2 in .45. I LOVE it, but even with the smaller (9 rd.) mag, it's a little heavy for me to carry concealed all day. Plus it's a bit fat for concealment in some clothes. About the only time it I carry it concealed is when wearing a suit coat. After realizing all the things just mentioned, I opted to carry a XDs 9 mm most of the time. It's much lighter, slimmer and EASILY concealed. Even the grip on a Mod 2 is kind of fat. I love it; for me the fatness of grip is a plus, but some people find it too fat.

As for cleaning, it's MUCH easier than a 1911! Field stripping it is a piece of cake, as is reassembly. There are no hard to reach places or trouble spots when it comes to cleaning.

I suggest you at least hold (preferably shoot) both a Mod 2 and a XDs. I've never shot an XDs in .45, but it's extremely comfortable to shoot in 9 mm.

1. I've of course shot both a Mod 2 .45 and a 1911, but I've never shot both on the same day, so I can't compare the recoil. That said, the recoil on a Mod 2 .45 is quite manageable. I've but 150 rounds through it one after another and had no soreness.

2. I have never adjusted the sights. If I hit mostly 9 and 10 on a silhouette I'm happy, so I've never had reason to fine tune the sights. Regarding over all accuracy, I used my Mod 2 .45 for the shooting qualification for my CWP. That qualification involved firing at a silhouette at various distances from very close to well beyond reasonable self-defense range. My target could not be scored because large chunks of the 9 and 10 areas were virtually gone (The instructor smiled and said I passed.). I feel my Mod 2 is more accurate than I am and that any misses are my fault!

3. I have a Pearce grip extender on the shorter (9 rd.) mag because without it there is not sufficient pinky room for me.

4. With the extended (12 rd.) mag. there is more than enough room for a perfect 2-handed grip.

I'd be happy to do my best to offer any additional information regarding your very important decision.

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